Gingerbread Extravaganza

December 6, 2013 – January 6, 2014

Special thanks to all of the 2013 Gingerbread Extravaganza participants! Check out these stunning structures that were on display both at Le Parker Meridien as well as respective participant locations.

Food, NYC Style
Baked Ideas
Le Parker Meridien

Everyone knows that food is love. To celebrate
City Harvest—the embodiment of that sentiment—I combined Robert Indiana's iconic NYC LOVE sculpture with simple iconic NYC foods. I like to think of it as "Snax in the City.”

NYC Street Scene: The New York Holiday Hustle
Butterfly Bakeshop
Le Parker Meridien

Nothing says “Quintessential New York” more than a snapshot of a busy New York City Street. Well-known store fronts, a crowded subway entrance, fire hydrant and street signs all act as a familiar backdrop for the people playing the New York Holiday Hustle.

Flatiron Building
(2135 Broadway at 75th St)

I chose the flatiron building of course for its beauty—it is one of my favorite buildings and a "Quintessential New York" landmark—but also because I saw it as an incredible challenge and opportunity to recreate this unique architectural style and capture the essence of the building and surrounding area using
only edible materials.

Gracie Mansion
Cupcake Cafe
Le Parker Meridien




Chrysler Building
David Burke Kitchen
Le Parker Meridien

As a boy, I had an an architectural elevation of the Chrysler Building hanging in my bedroom. I pretended that it was actually the view outside my window. Now, when I leave David Burke Townhouse every night, I look down Lexington Avenue and see her lit up in all her splendor. I wanted to pay homage to the classiest edifice in the city the only way I know how: with sugar and glitter.

Dumbo & The Manhattan Bridge
Hecho en Dumbo
(354 Bowery at E 4th St)

Hecho en Dumbo was made in DUMBO trying to create real authentic Mexican cuisine. We started in DUMBO 5 years ago, and as former residents of the neighborhood, not only did we fall in love with it, but it also showed us a lot of love!

Guggenheim Museum
Il Ristorante Rosi
(903 Madison Ave at 73rd St)

The Guggenheim is an architectural and cultural icon
of the Upper East Side. It serves as a beacon for the wide world of art as well as a source of great pride for the residents of our neighborhood.

Empire State Building
Le Monde
Le Parker Meridien

The Empire State Building is the North Star of the New York City skyline; simultaneously conveying a sense of grandeur and community. The structure is the quintessential peak of design, allure, and symbolism for what makes this city great.

Katz's Deli
Liddabit Sweets
(75 9th Ave in Chelsea Market)

A huge part of New York is the food, and when you think of New York, you have to think of a deli. And when you think of delis, you think of Katz's Deli. I'll never forget standing in line for a pastrami sandwich and just being a part of the busy crowd and thinking, "Wow, I'm in New York!"

The Candy Commuter "Inspired by NYC Subway Cars"
Le Parker Meridien

The NYC subway scene is something most New Yorkers can relate to. It is a daily reminder of the frenetic, exciting and accessible city we leave in. It is a place where all types of individuals come together for a shared goal: getting somewhere! So try to sit
back, relax and take in the hustle and bustle that is New York.

Coney Island
Rolling Pin Productions with Aperitivo Restaurant, Brooklyn
Le Parker Meridien

With the constant change that is a part of the New York City evolution, Coney Island is one of the few major landmarks that keeps the nostalgia of the "old days" going strong. Surviving Hurricane Sandy and continuing on despite difficult times will always be a
testament to the "quintessential" strength of all of us here in New York City.

72nd Street 1-2-3 Station & Verdi Square
Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto
(283 Amsterdam Ave at 73rd St)

We take pride in our community and wanted to represent it the best way we could—with the way people can get here! Plus, we have a special connection to Verdi Square as we donated the
lights shining there.

New York Brownstones
Sirio Ristorante
(795 5th Ave in The Pierre Hotel)

To me, "Quintessential New York" means brownstones—and Sirio Ristorante's location at The Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side gave me plenty of inspiration for my structure. All I needed to do was look at the architecture around me and add a touch of whimsy holiday are.

“Special thanks to all of the 2013 Gingerbread Extravaganza participants! Check out these stunning structures that were on display both at Le Parker Meridien as well as respective participant locations.”

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